A New Hope ~ An Adventure in Optimism

Welcome to the new season for Hope Stone, a sort of Hope Stone 2.0. I, along with the Board of Directors, am very excited to present what I see as the first steps towards Hope Stone’s future. While the closing of the studio seemed overwhelming at the time, it gave me the opportunity to do a great deal of soul searching about what I valued and treasured in the work of Hope Stone. As one door closed, many windows opened and Hope Stone 2.0 has evolved into a new organization.

Our mission remains: Hope Stone, Inc. unlocks the innate creativity of young people and adults through our arts out reach programs with a vision of art for all.

It is the vision of ART FOR ALL that drives our mission, and we aim to reach our communities with that vision through Hope Stone Kids, THE HOPE PROJECT, and Hope Stone Dance.


simplify-hopestone-2At the core of Hope Stone is Hope Stone Kids. This year HSK celebrates 12 years of work and will be stationed in five schools teaching deeply rich, beautiful, mind changing arts education. This program is the most impactful of our programs, and we are moving strongly into the satellite model. The schools chosen all service low-income families/children, and support a range of children: pre-school, disabled, elementary, middle and high school. Our goal is to ultimately stay in these schools for three years, expanding the classes we reach each year while deepening the arts experience for the children, and ultimately becoming their arts education outsource.

Parallel to this work is our Teacher Training Methodology – “The Art of Teaching.” We will continue to strengthen the methodology and the teaching of it so as to grow the “Army of Artists” necessary to transform the role of the arts in our education system.


The second program is a new one, and a direct offshoot of HSK. THE HOPE PROJECT takes the idea of “Art for All” beyond the K-12 classroom and into adult populations. Last year, our work with the homeless at The Art Project Houston was a great success, so we want to continue to reach adult populations in need. This fall we are implementing a 10-week theater class with senior citizens and teenagers called INTERACT with theater teacher Amy Buchanan. We will also work with Wounded Warriors starting in January with an 8-week drumming class for returning veterans, taught by master drummer Chris Howard.

Our goal is to reach adult populations in need such as the elderly, veterans, homeless, and cancer survivors, and demonstrate and verify the effectiveness of Art for All in any adult population.


I also realized over the summer that I did not want to put the dance company fully to rest. Instead, I am very interested in doing project-based work as well as growing our arts education performance part of Hope Stone Dance. Last year’s Discovery Series performances at the Hobby seen by over 3,000 children and teenagers were a great success. When we were asked to return to the Hobby’s Discovery Series next March, it helped us make the decision to move forward with this version of the dance company. Hope Stone was also chosen for the second year in a row to be funded by the Texas Commission for the Arts (TCA). In conversations with the TCA, I recognized the huge need for the arts education performance part of Hope Stone in rural Texas. With two strong and highly developed pieces that are excellent choices for a younger audience, complete with study guides, our goal for the next 3-5 years is to expand our mission/vision through touring in rural Texas, especially post our very successful tours in the past two years to Abilene and Brownsville/South Padre.

So, upon invitation, HSD is pleased to be performing last year’s premiere “i scream” at both the Hobby’s DISCOVERY SERIES, and the CAMH’s Family Series. Bill Arning describes it as “Pina Bausch for children!”

Stay tuned for dates and times and join us!

As Hope Stone hits its “refresh” button, I hope you will return often to our website and blog to see the work we are doing and how you can join us towards our vision of Art for All. Thank you always for your support.

Jane Weiner

President & CEO