“Dancing Aggies”


ohhhh, I had fun last week. The amazing “dancing aggies,” or should I say the dance department of Texas A&M, under the strong and watchful eye of department chair Christine Bergeron, invited me as their guest artist this January 25-30. This marks my third residency with Texas A&M, and what a joy to walk into their brand new 18 month old facility. I had the honor of teaching modern dance technique, pedagogy, dance composition and dance production during my week there, as well as set a new work on both faculty and students entitled “Flower 2.” The students were lovely, open, so ready to learn. One student even blogged about my class and feel so honored to have her write these lovely words:

“With awareness of Jane’s words of encouragement, she peeled away the layers of criticism, fear, and timidity that once clutched my usually rigid, classically trained muscles like chains of weight suffocating the freedom of expression that is dancing. From her quirky instructions of us to hug each dancer for exactly 6 seconds during warm-up, to her articulation of explanation in the expression of choreography, Jane’s whole being enveloped the room with the essence of expression and beauty of interpretation in unique identity.” ~Madison L. Codney

I enjoyed every moment — classes, rehearsals, getting a chance to visit with now dear friends Christine and Carissa (devoted teachers with this program), meeting the new faculty, talking with the students, and even bringing wonder dog Oliver Jones along for the week!! The week flew by and the next thing I knew I was back in the car heading home, filled with more love and passion for my art form.

One side note: The dancers and faculty became aware of my situation of assisting a homeless mother and her four young boys. The last day of class I turned around to 3 large baskets of dry goods, a food card and several other amazing gifts. Yes, compassion lies deep within the soul of the arts and it was so apparent with the amazing giving spirit of these “dancing aggies!”