Empowerment vs Love

AD9P0377One of my favorite Hope Stone Dance traditions is the “word for the year.” Jane always brings a box full of words for us to pick. Last year I picked ‘Empowerment’. Our first rehearsal for 2015 was Thursday. Things seem different, yet the box was there with the words written in the same font and probably cut with the same scissors. My word this year is Love.

Coming into this version 2.0 of Hope Stone had me excited and curious. Excited to experience my Hope “Stoner” family once again, and curious about experiencing my 2.0 family.

10 months ago I believed this dream job, my family was gone for good, yet life once again proved me wrong. Our first circle happened last Thursday… Some old faces, some new faces… This doesn’t feel the same, I told myself and then I said… Well, I’m not the same.

Last year’s word, ‘Empowerment’, came bouncing out of everywhere. Change was a driving force, fast and furious at that. The rug was pulled from underneath my feet when I heard the news of the studio closing and Hope Stone Dance ceasing. That day however, when all seemed a big blur, one of the biggest growth periods in my life started to take form. Pain was present and the struggle seemed real, but I had a choice, I always have a choice. This time I chose to focus on opportunity instead of pain.

Empowered, I started to create myself all over again… Jane and Hope Stone… I’m forever grateful for allowing the space and time. For allowing the breath, the stillness, the exploration. I’m back 10 months later with a toolbox full of new tools, a different mind (a more quiet one), a broken heart that is now more open.

Sitting in circle this week and listening to everyone check in, I realized that we are all from the same tribe. No matter if this is your 1st or 20th circle, we all share the same heart. It is beautiful to see the growth in each person and their own exploration of their lives.

A hug, a check in, a circle, maybe a tear and a laugh…that’s how rehearsals always start.

It’s been 9 sweaty, sweaty hours of “i scream” time. The show 3000 kids will experience in less than a month at the Hobby Center.
I understand the impermanence of life a bit more now. I know time will fly fast… It always does when you are having fun. So I choose to be present in every moment. I won’t take this experience, these people for granted… I learned my lesson. I don’t know when the next time will be, but I know where my feet are today. They are doing pigeon toe, surfer chick, ‘pane coco?’ point, flex and biscuit… with my Hope Stoner family.

Love is this year’s word… My heart was broken open 10 months ago so I could love more today…

Catalina Alexandra amongst many other wonderful attributes about her, has been a dancer with Hope Stone Dance,since 2008