The Hope Project

The Hope Project (THP), our arts education outreach program established in 2002, is a multi-media dance, theater, and music program for children, teens and adults. For over 30 years, Hope Stone founder, choreographer and nationally recognized arts educator Jane Weiner, has created education programs that utilize artists from multiple artistic disciplines to reach diverse groups of students in schools and community centers. The Hope Project, now in its 15th year, provides mindful arts education to 9 schools/ organizations, reaching over 800 students, ages 2-98 years. Diverse populations are served in our program – school children ages 2-18, homeless youth, the elderly, physically and intellectually disabled children, and veterans.

Professional working artists, who are also experienced and motivational teachers, lead the students in music, dance, and theater classes. With the guidance and encouragement of these master teaching artists, students feel supported and safe to express themselves artistically with an invaluable creative outlet.
Our teaching artists, dedicated individuals who are passionate about sharing their artistic gifts with youth, are the lifeblood of the program. The goal of to engage our students in an expressive art experience in which they feel ownership and pride, and through which they develop confidence in their talents. Each teaching artist works intimately with a group as they participate in an immersion experience in art.

Hope Stone uses teaching methodologies that establish a productive but challenging group culture in which students are asked to become collaborators rather than receivers of information. In the course of a year-long program, students develop the interpersonal skills, self awareness and problem solving skills of productive and effective citizens. Arts education levels the playing field for all students. Our next generation’s workforce will require the most brilliant, creative, and problem-solving minds, which a mindful arts education provides. At Hope Stone we believe that we share the responsibility of ensuring that everyone receives an unabridged education and that we all have exposure to the arts.

The arts are an effective and successful way to validate the creativity of children, teens, and adults. Children who do not have access to the arts are robbed of educational, cultural, and emotional development, which in turn affects communities as a whole. There is an innate resilience the arts create in children, helping them build a values system in which they learn self-discipline and responsibility. They learn to appreciate their effort and they obtain enjoyment and inspiration from its results.

The Hope Project 2016-2017 schools/organizations include:

The Branch Enrichment Program:

students in grades 1-5 receive theater, music and dance classes.

Brookdale Senior Living Solutions:

senior citizens receive movement and theater classes.

Browning Elementary School:

students in grades K-5 receive dance, music, and theater classes.

Cristo Rey Jesuit College Preparatory of Houston:

students receive music classes.

Generation One Academy:

students age 2-6 receive theater and dance classes.

House of Tiny Treasures:

children ages 18 months-6 years receive creative movement classes.

Small Steps Nurturing Center:

children ages 2-5 years receive creative movement classes.

Smartie Pants Academy Center:

children ages 2-15 years receive creative movement classes.

U.S.VETS-Houston, Drumming Workshop:

veterans receive a weekly drumming class.