Spring Break 2015

Spring Break 2015
(A bit late in posting, but some musings, thoughts and contemplations I wrote during this year’s Spring Break…not one of travel, warm beaches or cool mountain ski slopes, but of “stay-cationing,” quiet time, reflection and GRATITUDE!)

Spring Break. What a glorious week stuck in the first quarter of the new year, that allows one to stop, reflect, clean, muse, ponder, percolate and catch-up…if one is so lucky!!?

This year it actually worked out that way for me, and I was blessed that it was the week post the seven show run of “i scream.” The week has allowed SERIOUS catch-up ~ e-mail review, storage unit organizing, and navel contemplation. Gratitude abounds as I mull over of the six lovely, young, vibrant audiences at the Hobby Center’s Zilkha Hall, filled with children and teens…some seeing live art for the very first time. The image of my dancers being brilliant, and HUMAN is so strong and engaging in my mind. Seeing them interact with the children, and vice versa is such a beautiful memory.

Post six back to back shows we had the golden opportunity to perform at the CAMH (Contemporary Arts Museum Houston) for one lovely performance in a museum almost empty of exhibits and filled with dance, people of all ages and balloons.
How fun to finish our season in such a magical space…and then head to the Chocolate Bar to celebrate, with ice cream, of course!

I have also had just a lot of quiet time in my office, Oliver Jones the wonder dog and myself, with our back door open to the garden as spring creeps in, reflecting on the year behind me and what steps are ahead? More teaching? New Work? Mindful Arts Education? It has been almost a year since the closing of the studio and this path I am on, with Hope 2.0 has been so full of lovely twists and turns. I wonder what is next…