Chris Howard

Chris Howard (Music) has been performing as a percussionist in Houston since 1997. He has played with numerous bands and ensembles covering a broad array of traditions including Bulgarian, Greek, Turkish, West African, Spanish, Cuban, Brazilian, Funk and Jazz. Chris loves to play for dance and often accompanies classes and workshops at Houston Ballet, HCC, Hope Stone Studio, Barnevelder, The Houston Met, U of H and the JCC. Also a lover of theater, Chris has played for musicals at Theatre Lab Houston, HCC, Main St. Theatre and Stages Repertory Theatre. He currently plays with Cafe Khytaro, Solero Flamenco, Free Radicals and Bateria Terceira Costa. In addition to Hope Stone Studio, Chris also teaches music at Madhatter Arts Camp and the JCC. Chris infuses his classes with a sense of cultural and self-exploration and expression.